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Iran: Christian Couple Flogged – Christian Man Tortured

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Sentence of whipping , and assaulting an Iranian Christian couple

Oct. 11 . 2007- fcnn

A Christian couple were sentenced to be whipped and were announced Mortad by the Justice Court Of Revolution , for attending a home based church and having devotional time.

We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God. ( Acts 14:22)

FCNN_ An Iranian Christian couple ( their names are kept confidential in FCNN ) were arrested along with other believers on Sep. 21.2005 by the Government agents. They had gathered in a house in a town northwest of Tehran ( Gohar dasht ) for their regular prayer and devotional time.

After about two years , on July 2007 their case was submitted to the Court of Revolution, brach 3. According to the report , this Christian couple decided to marry seven years ago but, because of some boundaries in Iranian Churches regarding the rules of Marriage between ex-Muslims and other ethnics in Iran, they were rejected a Christian legal certificated wedding ceremony , so they decided to have their wedding outside the church by the Islamic Law.

The woman was born a Christian in an Assyrian-Iranian family and the man was converted to Christianity long before they married. According to the Court of Revolution , wedding of non-muslims by the Islamic Law is equivalent to conversion to Islam. So , the confession of faith in Christ before the Judge by the wife was an indication of turning to christianity again , therefor she was announced a Mortad ( a person who turns away from Islam, in this case the sentence is death). The same was with the husband.

According to the Court they had to present themselves to the Authorities on a regular basis and sign a paper until the court decides the punishment. The building they had to go to is located on somewhere near the Azadi Square . The only people in that building were civic agents.

The last time the wife was present there to make a signature , one of the agents ( who was called Haj Agha , a clergy man ) sexually abused her . As a result she was so terrified that she decided not to go back there again , not even for a signature!

After few days , on September 2007 , two female and 4 male agents go to this couple’s house and by showing them an official letter from the Court , execute the sentence of whipping right there in their house.

According to the latest news , this couple are under a high mental pressure right now

We would like to kindly request all Iranians and believers in Christ all over the world to pray for peace , health , and protection of this family. Source.

Needless to say, that is not an isolated case.

Torturing an Iranian Christian for his confession of faith in Christ


– Aug/1/2007

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us ” /Romans 8:18
According to the Farsi Christian News Network ( FCNN ), an Iranian Christian, A . Sh , ( for security reasons , FCNN keeps the person’s identity protected ) was arrested and imprisoned by the Security Agents , after he had a car accident with a security escort car on May 4th 2007.

Jesus in Luke 12:8 regarding the subject says :” Whoever acknowledges me before men, the son of man will also acknowledge him before the angels of God ”

Agents , after hearing that he was converted to Christianity began to beat him up severely and then tossed him into the car , transporting him to Station 102 of Islamic Military ( Sepah Pasdaran)

The report , then , adds that one of the agents inside the prison accused him of heresy by turning from Islam to Christianity , calling him Mortad , then began to torture him by whipping and lashing him severely without any legal charges or court sentence.

Finally after 2 days being in prison and tortured , he was released through the efforts of his family and by giving a financial collateral to authorities.

We as Christians , have learned from our Lord Jesus Christ to forgive our persecutors just as He, being nailed on the cross , said :

Father , forgive them , for they do not know what they are doing . Luke 23:34

Recently the Fox News Network listed Iran as the 3rd country in the world in which Christians are being persecuted. Fox News also claimed , Iran is rapidly moving to the top of the list. Source.

Sadly enough, these horror stories do not even begin to scratch the surface.


Pakistan: Violent Mob of Muslims “Ransacked and Desecrated” Church

Pakistan Muslim Militants Attack Church

Monday, 15 October 2007 (15 hours ago) By Jawad Mazhar Special Correspondent BosNewsLife reporting from Pakistan

pakistan-muslim-militants-attack-churchmedium_page42_blog_entry73_summary_1.jpg LAHORE, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)– An uneasy calm returned Monday, October 15, to the village of Gowindhi, near Pakistan’s second largest city of Lahore, after a violent mob of Muslims “ransacked and desecrated” the local evangelical New Apostolic Faith church, rights investigators said.

“A Muslim mob mounted on the roof of the church and hurled down its loud speakers,” on Wednesday October 10, said Khalid Gill, the regional director for Pakistan’s Punjab province of the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA), a major advocacy group.

“The mob of Muslim extremists also tried to destroy the boundary walls of the church and put manure on them.” They allegedly ripped up the Bible’s Book of Psalms and other Christian literature in the church. They also destroyed all the musical instruments, which were used during the praise and worship, Gill said.

Suspects were still at large Monday, October 15, apparently because local police refused to take action against them. Officials were not immediately available for comment. A 26-year-old Christian youth Sattar Masih witnessing the attack said he had informed the church’s pastor, identified as Pastor Pervaiz, about the Muslim attack at the church.


The pastor contacted police, but they “blatantly refused” to take action against the militants, local Christians and investigators said. A delegation of local Christian leaders, including a former member of Lahore’s district’s council, protested the refusal by police to intervene. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

Gill said police officials have been “forcing” local Christians and their leadership to reconcile themselves with Muslim hardliners. The latest attack underscored religious tensions in the region. Muslim shopkeepers of Gowindhi village, apparently encouraged by Muslim militants, have reportedly stopped selling kitchen and other house hold items to Christian residents in the village.

Christians in other parts of Pakistan have also complained about violence and some have received threats because of their refusal to embrace Islam, several rights groups say. Barnabas Fund, which investigates reports of persecution of Christians in especially Muslim nations, told BosNewsLife that in one recent incident a church-run girls’ school in the area of Swat in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province was closed last month “after a letter from Islamic militants threatened to attack the school if it remained open.”


Barnabas Fund said, “The letter accused the staff of trying to convert Muslim girl students to Christianity.” It also “criticized Muslim parents for allowing their daughters to attend [the school] and urged them to send them instead to Islamic madrassas,” Barnabas Fund added. Parents have reportedly condemned the letter, and police set up a 24-hour guard at the school, which re-opened on September 17.

In addition a bomb exploded at a Christian school in Bannu, also in North West Frontier Province, in the early hours of September 15. No one was reportedly injured and despite the damage to the building, the school has continued. Some groups have linked the increased
attacks against Christians in Pakistan to the government’s support to the US-led war on terror. Christians are often viewed by militants as supporting the United States, analysts say.

Barnabas Fund said the attacks against Pakistani Christians and churches also include legal challenges. “Various Pakistani politicians have attempted to reform the blasphemy law” which could lead to long prison terms for Christians, “but threats from Muslim extremists have always prevented any substantial amendments from being put in place.”


It said it was especially concerned about the situation of two elderly Christians held on blasphemy charges, James Masih, 70, and Buta Masih, 85.

In a letter Barnabas Fund urged its supporters to “Pray that God will sustain them, and that they will soon be acquitted and released.”

Christians comprise less than three percent of Pakistan’s population of roughly 165 million people, most of whom are Muslims, according to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). (Read more from Jawad Mazhar on the Web: Source.


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